ocean city sea kayaking rat boats
ocean city sea kayaking rat boats
ocean city sea kayaking rat boats

Rat Boats

Kayak Design throughout the decades has actually changed very little. The classic kayaks such as the Anas Acuta, Nordkapp, SKUK Explorer, SKUK Romany and the Greenlander are still very current.

We have a newer generation of all purpose boats, shorter boats designed specifically for play and longer FSK’s, but the classics are still fully useable and a joy to paddle. Fibreglass is an amazing material but it does not biodegrade and is non recyclable. Rat boats is a project which take used boats which need some TLC and turns them into fully usable play and expedition capable craft once again.

I aim to sell products at a reasonable price so they are available for most to buy. Sea kayaking is at risk of being an elitist sport due to the costs involved. To make sea kayaking more mainstream the whole sport needs to be more accessible.

The ocean provides so many mental, physical and spiritual benefits for humanity. Sea kayaking is such an amazing sport which allows us to engage with all of those positive things.

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