Demo centre for: Rockpool Kayaks, Kirton Kayaks, Streamlyte Paddles and NRS equipment.

FSK, planning, expedition, rock zones, surf zones, open water, equipment. Whatever you want to work on, get in touch. Or if you simply want to cruise, come down and use some top end gear and learn about the history and the natural environment.

If you can see the Eddystone or see land from the Eddy’, that’s the Eddyzone

I offer guided, progressive trips and expeditions in Plymouth Sound, South Devon and Cornwall

Expeditions and packages also available in Scotland

I’m keen to help paddlers progress and obtain the skills which will allow them to take up the sport and be self sufficient and safe within the oceanic environment. The UK is an Island/s nation and there are so many possibilities. I mean it when I say that the UK is the most diverse and amazing country in the world (In environmental/geographic terms).

Short Trips, Long Trips, Eddystone, Downwinders, Extended Surfari, Expeditions, Bespoke, Half Day, Full Day.

Paddler Development Scheme. 6 sessions over four to six months offered at 20% discount on listed rates. Progressive action plans and relevant, progressive environments

Back to basics Bivvy. Escape the screens and the hustle and bustle of modern life. Come and bivvy out for one night or ten! Catch your own food, cook on a fire, connect with nature and yourself. Get in touch for more information and to discuss your requirements.

ocean city sea kayaking plymouth

Equipment, Prices and Contact

At Ocean City Sea Kayaking we use fully ocean going, closed cockpit sea kayaks. Some new paddlers may find this a challenge so it is recommended to have some previous experience. If you are a newbie still get in touch as we can facilitate individuals or pairs and cover lots of intro skills, or we can direct you towards a provider using more basic equipment.

Whats the difference between Sit on Top and Closed cockpit?

Well, its exactly as their description suggests. Many other providers use Sit On Top kayaks as a standard piece of equipment these days. A Sit On Top kayak is stable, goes forwards easily and if it were to tip the paddler simply falls off. Great for short distances and for novices but not hugely progressive and skillful.

A closed cockpit kayak takes a little more skill to use (However is easy to learn if you progress quickly). A closed cockpit kayak is generally faster, long distance capable, protects the paddler in colder or hotter conditions and is capable at paddling in rough seas and wind. A full safety brief and instructions are given to every participant before we go.

Weather may affect the exact route taken. A full skills check and safety brief will happen before embarking on any trip and the outcome may also affect the route taken. Other paddlers unknown to you may be present within the group. 

Prices for half day, full day and Multiple day trips. Per person

Taster Session and short trip. Approximately Two hours using OCSK supplied equipment: £49

Half Day Rates: Using own gear: £59pp / OCSK supplied equipment: £79pp

Full day Rates: Using own gear: £109pp / OCSK supplied equipment: £149pp

Multi Day including expeditions and block weekend:Using own gear: £99 pdpp / OCSK supplied equipment: £139 pdpp

A deposit of £40 will be taken when booked.

Rockpool Boat Demonstrations/Trials are available

Request a booking form and more information. Confirm dates and options.

Paypal and email:-  oceancityseakayaking@gmail.com 

Tel: 07376954991

ocean city sea kayaking plymouth
ocean city sea kayaking plymouth

“Do what’s on your doorstep”

“Only two steps and a push to escape the city”

“The Ocean is the World’s most accessible extreme environment”

“Come and explore the wild places which exist a stones throw from the tarmac and crowds”

Tom Thorpe. NRS, Streamlyte, Rockpool kayaks TEAM paddler