Great News!

ANNAKTUK has now partnered with Sätila Of Sweden. A beanie is not just a beanie and its a very important piece of equipment. Sätila have been making quality beanies for decades and have a strong heritage within the outdoor world. Having owned hundreds of beanies we know what to look for. Here in the U.K. we would not be on expedition or extended trip without a beanie, even in the summer. Keep an eye on the website for practical products for all paddlers. Its great to use high quality products that work. Beanies branded with Sätila and ANNAKTUK are available.

A paddling beanie is a technical thing. It needs to be able to deal with fluctuating body and environment temperatures. Remain a good fit if it gets wet. Remain on your head upside down and be fast drying. It needs to be small enough to stuff into a PFD and able to be worn for long periods. Sätila have a history of making beanies for back-country and cross country skiing and we have similar demands on the ocean.

Sätila Camo Beanie

Sätila Camo Beanie. Lightweight, fast drying. Perfect for all paddling £25

Sätila Sarek Beanie

Sätila Sarek Beanie. Wool blend. Warm beanie. Recommended for winter expedition £30

Sätila Lutra Beanie

Sätila Lutra Beanie. High Viz, ski style fit. Fleece lined. Fast drying. Especially Recommended for FSK and Ski £25

Coming soon. Vintage ski beanies. New and used

Watch this space