Inuit for ‘Is Safe’

The Inuit were the original people to live in the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Siberia and Russia. For 10,000 years the Inuit moved from Alaska towards Greenland. Over the last 4000 years throughout this vast area, tribes used the kayak as a major mode of transport and as a means to hunt and trade. Kayak and paddle design varied slightly but they were all skin on bone or wooden frame. Small enough to be manageable in wind and easy to maneuver, light enough to be lifted from the water by one person and carried across ice and stored safely in storms. Fast enough to outrun predators or to catch them and other animals and strong enough to carry kills, furs and sometimes whole families! The kayak was and still is the perfect craft for moving across oceans and through small spaces in rock and ice.

ANNAKTUK aims to encourage and promote paddling lifestyle, safety and responsible use of the ocean environment.

Whether you’re into Greenland Paddling, Fast Sea Kayak, Surfski, Adventure, Play in any type of wave or zone, Guiding, coaching or even cross ocean and extended arctic expedition- ANNAKTUK is for you. Display your sticker and wear your beanie and be proud.

Often in the paddling world- paddlers have spent years learning and developing the skills and techniques to embark on safe and fun trips. Our equipment is of the highest quality and every aspect is designed with safety in mind. Although we may push the limits we often have contingencies and action plans in place. ANNAKTUK highlights the importance of training and preparation and we know for sure that quality coaching, mentor ship as well as the correct gear can make all of the difference. With so much involved with ocean paddling it’s hard to accept that ocean going, experienced paddlers are often talked about as being on the same level as ill prepared folks with non-seaworthy equipment.

Paddlesports can be super safe, if undertaken in a smart way.

Stickers are available and the current price is £5.50 inc UK postage and a £2.00 donation to the RNLI, meaning for every sticker obtained a donation is made to the RNLI.

An Instagram account linked to this website will act as a gallery. There will be paddler blogs and paddler articles to read.

Merchandise will be available as we progress in time especially beanies!

ANNAKTUK recommends the following as basic guidelines.



  • Must be ocean|expedition|play capable and fit all of the ocean safety recommendations. It is understood that craft vary in size and shape.
  • Fast Sea kayaks should have water tight hatches and have all of the standard safety fittings
  • Skis should be in good condition, working bailers. Leg leash encouraged.



  • Paddles are suitable for the environments you wish to paddle in
  • Suited to the craft
  • Spare paddle carried where necessary



  • Be buoyant
  • Be able to communicate
  • Be Visible!
  • Be warm
  • Be fed and hydrated
  • Be UV smart



  • An understanding of navigation and the ocean environment
  • Knowledge of tide, swell and wind.
  • Rolling and self rescuing in conditions is important.
  • Paddlers should be part of a functional group when venturing out into the ocean environment.
  • It is recommended to leave a float plan with a shore party
  • Have a contingency|safety action plan


Current paddling experience and training encouraged. ITS ABOUT PADDLING, GET OUT THERE! xx

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