Inuit for ‘Is Safe’

The Inuit were the original people to live in the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Siberia and Russia. For 10,000 years the Inuit moved from Alaska towards Greenland. Over the last 4000 years throughout this vast area, tribes used the kayak as a major mode of transport and as a means to hunt and trade. Kayak and paddle design varied slightly but they were all skin on bone or wooden frame. Small enough to be manageable in wind and easy to maneuver, light enough to be lifted from the water by one person and carried across ice and stored safely in storms. Fast enough to outrun predators or to catch them and other animals and strong enough to carry kills, furs and sometimes whole families! The kayak was and still is the perfect craft for moving across oceans and through small spaces in rock and ice.

ANNAKTUK- Recognising experience and passion within closed cockpit ‘traditional’ style sea kayaks.

Thanks for visiting this page and showing interest in ANNAKTUK. A brand and concept supporting sea kayaking culture and a network linking paddlers across the world who wish to connect with like minded individuals and groups to share experiences, knowledge and/or to simply be a part of something.

Wear cool beanies and merch and become part of a network which inspires you to explore new areas and discuss options. Paddlers in the network can advise you on their local area and recommend guides and accommodation.

If paddlers choose to meet, it is advised that the host is suitably qualified in line with ISKGA, BC and other relevant governing body guidelines. ANNAKTUK does not confirm competency. It will be possible to find ISKGA guides through this network, however the purpose behind ANNAKTUK is to promote personal paddling and the lifestyle sport of sea kayaking.


ANNAKTUK is linked with the International Sea Kayak Guide Association and supports British Canoeing and other official canoe and kayak governing bodies as long as they have equivalent certification in closed cockpit, ocean-going kayaks. ANNAKTUK aims to link current and skilled paddlers and we endorse certificates such as ISKGA Fundamentals and British Canoeing Sea Kayak Skills as a base level requirement: and People with other relevant qualifications from outside the UK are welcome to join in. Proof of an ocean Skills certificate of at least ISKGA Fundamentals Level 2 or BC/BCI Sea Kayak Award will be required. Certificates are not necessarily required if extensive experience and current paddling is known and/or proven.

Whether you’re into Greenland Paddling, Fast Sea Kayak, Adventure, Play in any type of wave or zone, Guiding, coaching or even cross ocean and extended arctic expedition, ANNAKTUK is for you, display your sticker and wear your beanie and be proud.

Often in the sea kayaking world- paddlers have spent years learning and developing the skills and techniques to embark on safe and fun trips. Our equipment is of the highest quality and every aspect is designed with safety in mind. Although we may push the limits we often have contingencies and action plans in place. ANNAKTUK highlights the importance of training and preparation and we know for sure that quality coaching, mentor ship as well as the correct gear can make all of the difference. With so much involved with ocean paddling it’s hard to accept that ocean going- sea kayakers are often talked about as being on the same level as ill prepared folks with non-seaworthy equipment.

Sea kayaking is one of the safest sports in the world if undertaken in a smart way. The International Sea Kayak Guide Association aims to promote safety and paddler development.

There will be a symposium each year called the Kernow Sea Kayak Symposium. ANNAKTUK paddlers are encouraged to attend however there is no obligation. It is hoped that as ANNAKTUK expands other events will be held in countries across the world.

Joining the network is FREE however an annual, unique coloured sticker will be sent out every June, the current price is £6.50 inc UK postage and a £2.00 donation to the RNLI, meaning for every sticker obtained a donation is made to the RNLI. (£4.00 for each additional sticker)

ANNAKTUK will NOT be a Facebook group, the network will function via a login on the website, which will take you through to a paddler list/gallery. Next to each paddler will be a name, picture, specialty description, an email address and a google maps link. Paddlers will be listed in Alphabetical order in a country grid. An Instagram account linked to this website will act as a gallery. There will also be paddler blogs and paddler articles to read in the member area of this website.

Merchandise will be available as we progress in time but there is no obligation to buy it.

Please see the following list and requirements which must be adhered to, to be part of the ANNAKTUK network.

Being part of the network means that you meet the following criteria:



  • Must have a closed cockpit, be ocean and expedition/play capable and fit all of the safety recommendations within ISKGA and BC. It is understood that Sea Kayaks vary in size and shape but classic lengths are encouraged.
  • Fast Sea kayaks should have water tight hatches and have all of the standard safety fittings



  • Suitable for the environment and in line with ISKGA and BC recommendations.
  • Spares carried where applicable



  • Must carry all of the emergency communication, repair and personal safety gear- recommended in line with ISKGA modules
  • Equipment should be suitable for the environment. A paddler should be independent and proficient within the environment which they wish to enjoy



  • Skills are a MINIMUM of ISKGA Fundamentals Level 2 or BC/BCI Sea Kayak Award or equivalent. People are encouraged to move towards ISKGA L3 and BC Advanced Skills.
  • An understanding of hyper/hypothermia
  • An understanding of navigation and the ocean environment
  • Experience of tide, swell and wind. Rolling and self rescuing in conditions is important. Rolling on both sides is promoted



  • Paddlers should have paddled a quality trip at least twelve times (Once a month) in the last year. A quality trip would be four hours plus in ocean conditions (Not estuary or river). If people have paddled a quality trip twice a month or more, within the summer months, then that will be accepted. If folks have done expeditions which exceed or reach the twelve day minimum that will also be accepted.
  • Must be able to prove at least one trip in the following categories- within the last twelve months. Exposed coastal: example- North Coast of Cornwall. Expedition: example- minimum of two nights. Group paddling: example- coaching, guiding, peer. Open water/crossings: example- A trip in which it has been required to paddle at least two nautical miles offshore or a trip including a crossing of at least four miles. We understand there will be variables and people will be experienced within a wide range of relevant environments.


Being in the ANNAKTUK network does not insure you, or deem you safe to lead or guide in any way. ANNAKTUK is simply recognition of current experience, it allows you to connect and share your knowledge and allows you to converse with people of a similar mind and skill set.

If you lie or mislead others in any part or your registration it will be down to Karma and Neptune to decide the outcome.

Thank You for your interest.


If you are an ISKGA Guide it will also be stated on the contact sheet but ANNAKTUK is directed towards paddlers and paddling

email: for a form and further info. If you wish to guide or lead trips please contact the relevant people through: and

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