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About Me

My name is Tom Thorpe. I have been kayaking since I started secondary school. Kayak guiding was my first full time job. I am now a BC Sea Kayak Guide, BC Coach and ISKGA sea kayak guide and qualified in many other activities. Above all I’m a paddler and outdoor sports enthusiast. Over the last few years sea kayaking has become a huge part of my life and the promotion of sea kayaking as a safe lifestyle sport is something I am passionate about. Most of my free time is spent paddling, climbing, surfing and camping out. Check out my sponsors in the links at the bottom of this page.

I love visiting remote locations and embarking on expeditions. Check out my articles in the Ocean Paddler Magazine, The Paddler mag and also on this website.

Come down to Plymouth, Devon, UK to try out some top end boats, paddles, skis, clothing and safety gear, take part in courses linked to ISKGA and British Canoeing. We also run programmes which will help you improve your personal paddling

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